Difficult to miss LEGO and its sets reserved for collectors. Whether with Marvel, DC, or Star Wars, we had already seen magnificent constructions that typed directly into your portfolio by triggering as a bonus “the call to a banker”.

After the announcement of the Super Mario collection and its different editions, you could imagine that LEGO and Nintendo still had other ideas. It is not just anything, because it is downright a NES, with its controller and its game cartridge, as well as an old school TV set (I had the same to play the NES at the time).

All to build yourself, with just 2,646 pieces and a few hours in front of you. So as I said at the beginning, it is to be reserved for collectors, because it will cost € 229.99 on the official store to get the NES LEGO from August 1.

The icing on the cake is that you can use your interactive Mario to make the character sync with what is happening on the screen (there is a crank to scroll the level).