On September 29, 1995, a Friday, PlayStation marked the history of video games in Europe with the release of a home console that has since become a real monument. A real revolution for this camera which displayed a maximum resolution of 640 by 480. A small feat at the time.

The console has made millions of players dream with almost 8,000 games, from Final Fantasy 7 to Tekken to Crash Bandicoot.

It was difficult at the time to imagine the success that the console would meet against its competitor the Sega Saturn. And yet 25 years later, PlayStation is still in the video game industry. As at the time, the Japanese company is partly relying on innovation to bring new experiences to players, without having to win their hearts this time because it has already been done.

For the occasion, we brought out an old video (from last year) that will bring tears to your eyes if you too have played PlayStation all these years.

And as a gift is good, but two is better, I suggest a little video. An advertisement for the console in 1995.

Happy Birthday PlayStation!