The Z Event 2021 – one of the most anticipated events of the year – is back this weekend and will start this Friday at 6pm. Zerator (Adrien Nougaret) and Dach (Alexandre Dachary) will be accompanied by more than 50 streamers for a multi-live that will last more than 50 hours, enough to keep you busy.

This year it is the charity Action Against Hunger which is in the spotlight and if you want to discover what it does, you can follow the channel of Zerator since speakers will be present to talk about the actions carried out daily around the world.

I invite you to visit their website which has been updated for the occasion with a FAQ!

If you’re looking for me, I’ll be between Zerator’s live, Gom4rt’s live and mistermv’s live (but I’ll obviously go from live to live to enjoy this improbable live event and always full of surprises).

Don’t hesitate to go on the website/Twitch during the week end to donate for the association and allow the streamers to reach their goals to unlock goal donations. And you can go to the event’s store to buy a t-shirt (which will be great like every year).

If it is a special moment for the streamers and their subscribers, it is above all the opportunity to put forward a charity to mobilize people to give in a more modern format than what TV has been doing for several years.