Bungie today announced the future of its flagship game Destiny 2 and it will run until at least 2022. The Beyond Light expansion will arrive on September 22, 2022, The Witch Queen in 2021 and Lightfall in 2022.

If Bungie has a vision over several years, it is because Destiny 3 is not planned. Rather than releasing a new game, the studio wants to bring Destiny 2 to life with new content.

Players who own Destiny 2 on PS4 / Xbox One with or without an extension will be able to play for free on PS5 and Xbox Series X (if they currently play respectively on PS4 or Xbox One (in Smart Delivery for Xbox)).

For the moment, it is planned the possibility of playing cross-gen, ie players of PS4 with PS5 and players of Xbox One with Xbox Series X. Bungie indicated that the studio works on a cross-platform / cross-gen for the future.

In order to reduce the weight of the game, some parts of Destiny 2 will be phased out. Only the least played areas and adventures will disappear in the “Vault” of Destiny. It will also be an opportunity to revive old experiences of Destiny first of the name.

If you are a fan, you can now pre-order the collector’s edition of Beyond Light which contains the OST, a bag, a book, a water bottle, and other small bonuses. You will have to pay 140 € for the version without the game.

Finally, a figurine is also there with The Stranger Edition. Available on Numskull, this version offers the extension of the game accompanied by a 10-inch figurine (about 25.4cm). Not bad at all, but no price announced yet.