After a successful digital release, Alan Wake 2 is set to shake up the goodies you’ve got decorating your shelf with a physical collector’s edition. Remedy doesn’t do things by halves, so fans will be able to find everything they’ve ever dreamed of in this limited edition. It’s available to pre-order until 21 July, after which you’re on your own.

This version includes the game and the 2 DLCs, but above all the extra content that goes with it. Not only a code to download Alan Wake Remastered, but also a 160-page artbook, pins, a keyring and a reproduction of the writer’s famous lamp.

If you consider that the artbook costs around forty euros and the deluxe version of the game 80€, that means that our pretty lamp and its pins will also cost us 80€…

Pre-orders can be placed here on the Limited Run Games website.