A real present for fans of Sea of Thieves, Pirates of the Caribbean (the movies or the attractions) or simply pirates, the latest free expansion for Rare’s game is a must have for this year.

To accompany the stories rich in winks, we enjoy a music once again masterly, with the use of the well-known theme of the film/attraction.

A masterful work by Robin Beanland and Chloe Kwok. While we wait for these magical tracks to hit Spotify, here’s a sneak peek of what the game has to offer.

Many videos can’t be integrated on a website, I invite you to discover them directly on YouTube. And as a bonus, a video about the composition of the music for this DLC with the composers to tell us more about it.

Tall Tale 1 – A Pirate’s Life

Tall Tale 2 – The Sunken Pearl

Tall Tale 3 – Captains of the Damned

Tall Tale 4 – Dark Brethren

Tall Tale 5 – Lord of the Sea