The month of June represents many events, but concerning video games it is the month during which we celebrate the anniversary of The Last of Us series. Indeed, the first opus (June 14, 2013) and its sequel (June 19, 2020) were both released during this month (a particular choice in terms of marketing, just before the big vacations).

We remember that The Last of Us Part II was postponed because it was initially scheduled for February, so it’s an involuntary double anniversary but it makes fans happy because it means twice as many goodies.

No golf club at the rendezvous (like Bioshock, a missed rendezvous).

To celebrate, PlayStation has once again announced goodies! You can pick up the apparel and accessories on PlayStation Gear, check out the new collection at Insert Coin Clothing, turn to Gaming Heads for Ellie statuettes and Dark Horse for an Abby (and Ellie) statuette.

There are also vinyls at Mondo and finally a collector’s edition of two notebooks at Cook and Becker.

Good luck not spending all your money!