After an absence of several months, the Xbox Design Lab opened its doors again this Thursday, June 17th. If you’re not familiar with this unique service offered by Xbox while you own an Xbox (One or Series X|S), now is the time to discover it.

For several years, the American company has been periodically releasing Xbox One controllers (and more recently Xbox Series X|S) with new colors or with new improvements for the grip. In order to please everyone, the Xbox Design Lab allows you to customize your controller with your colors.

To do so, you just have to go to the Xbox Design Lab website.

You then have a space to customize your controller by selecting the color you want on the front panel, back panel, high triggers, low triggers, D-pad, sticks, menu/share/view buttons and finally the A,B,X,Y quartet.

There are 18 different colors and we even find the Electric Volt, the Pulse Red and the Shock Blue. The little extra is the possibility to choose the colors of the buttons A,B,X,Y, which gives a nice retro style!

This custom controller compatible with Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC and mobile will cost you 69.99€ (you will have to add 10€ if you want to have a text engraved on it) and the delivery is 14 days.

It’s 10€ more than a standard controller, but it’s the price of the limited editions that Xbox offers from time to time. A good plan to offer yourself an accessory that will go with your living room, or as a gift idea ! 14 days delivery.