When I try to remember the games that marked me when I started playing on PC at the time, there are two that keep coming back. They are not necessarily the first, but they are the ones who gave me a completely crazy experience.

The first is Half-Life, the second is Deus Ex. Deus Ex was released in June 2000, propelling us into a dystopian and cyberpunk future in 2052. Who does not remember JC Denton, the choice draconian from the first minutes of the game with the table of skills and especially music! This perfect music composed by Alexander Brandon and Michiel van den Bos.

The oldest will remember Alexander with Jazz Jackrabbit or Unreal, but he also worked on Dust An Elysian Tail which was marvelous. This June 23 was the release of his new album: Conspiravision. A perfect name for a Deus Ex OST remix album first of the name.

The album includes 17 music to immerse us in incredible moments (just listen to the music on the main title). Vinyl can be ordered for $ 45. Conspiravision embeds a visual that mixes Deus Ex and Blade Runner, and it’s quite perfect.