E3 2021 starts this week and it’s the perfect time to share the schedule we’ve known almost entirely since last week. If for 99% of the gamers a “virtual” show will not change their way of living it compared to other years, it is a real upheaval for the press and the editors.

On the journalist side, there was no need to run between each room where the conferences were held with those huge queues and the small stands to get the badges. On the editor’s side, the preparations had to be done much more in “visio” and disconnected, which could have favored potential leaks.

I’ve already said it, but I’ll say it again: leaks are bad for everyone, for gamers as well as for developers, editors and the press. The less leaks there are, the more enjoyable the conferences will be to discover!

Let’s get back to what interests us most, the program of the week:

10 juin 2021 à 20h | Summer Game Fest @YouTube

11 juin 2021 à 21h | Koch Media PrimeTime

11 juin 2021 à 22h | IGN Expo @YouTube

12 juin 2021 à 17h | Guerrilla Collective Live @Twitch

12 juin 2021 à 19h | Wholesome Direct @YouTube

12 juin 2021 à 21h | Ubisoft Forward @YouTube

12 juin 2021 à ? h | Devolver Digital @YouTube

12 juin 2021 à ? h | Gearbox Entertainment @YouTube

13 juin 2021 à 19h | Xbox & Bethesda @YouTube

13 juin 2021 à 21h15 | Square Enix @YouTube

13 juin 2021 à ? h | Warner Bros. Games @YouTube

14 juin 2021 à 1h | Future Games Show & PC Gaming Show @YouTube

14 juin 2021 à 22h | Limited Run Games @Twitch

15 juin 2021 à 0h | Razer @YouTube

15 juin 2021 à 18h | Nintendo Direct & Treehouse @YouTube

23 juin 10h | Seagate Gaming @YouTube