The R&D department for Xbox accessories has not finished its work and not one but two new controllers will be released very soon. On the one hand the Electric Volt with a bright yellow/green colour and on the other hand the Daystrike Camo, with its mix of red and grey shades.

These are Xbox Series controllers (so with the share button) compatible with the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The icing on the cake is the grip that is on the high triggers in addition to the low triggers.

A further evolution in the race for the ultimate controller at an affordable price. Obviously these controllers don’t have a built-in battery, you’ll need to use a removable rechargeable battery or batteries (which will allow you to use this controller for the rest of your life!).

You will have to wait until 27 April for the yellow/green version and 4 May for the red/camo version if you want to get them.

At the same time, Xbox has taken the opportunity to release a new collection of clothing in the colours of these two controllers, which you can check out on the store from 21 April.