We are used to mentioning the Insert Coin Clothing site for its clothing collections based around flagship licenses, but we will think outside the box with an accessory that has become essential since the beginning of the year.

Like many, the brand has embarked on the creation of protective masks, with a fairly minimalist style while obviously being gaming oriented.

They started with five fairly original models (the one with the hearts is perfect) and here they are today unveiling 6 new options. They cost 9.59 € but you can have 5 for the price of 4. We therefore discover a fake mustache, military motifs, a “ghost” design or the famous AFK.

I have the first 5 models and they are perfect. We breathe easily, they do not keep you hot and are very light. The size suits me and the way to adjust them means that there is no opening on the sides. (This article is not sponsored, I like this brand which is discreet in its creations)

I recommend them more than those of Meta Threads.