If you spend a good portion of your day sitting at home behind your desk telecommuting, or you’re more of a PC gamer, you’ve probably faced a major health issue – your chair. The problem can be fixed quickly for console gamers who are often slumped on their couch, but it’s more difficult to move a couch in front of a PC tower, whether you are a streamer or just a gamer.

Rather than turning to a gaming/tuning chair that will go very well with the subwoofer that you installed in the trunk of your 308, there are some well-known brands of office chairs that do the job well (see very very good). I also turned to an Intey at a little less than 200 € when the confinement began (if you are wondering). It’s cheaper (and less efficient) than what the article is about.

Today we are going to talk about an essential brand, Herman Miller, and its gaming collection in collaboration with Logitech G. The Embody chair seems on board everything you need on paper: adjustable support of the spine, adjustment of the height and spacing of the armrests (essential!) with elbow pads, seat depth adjustment (also essential to match your height) and of course the seat height adjustment.

No headrest for the Embody. Note that the maximum accepted weight is 136kg. To this range is added the Envy gaming desk (adjustable in height) and the Ollin screen support. It will take € 1,320 for the armchair, € 1,135 for the desk, and € 196 for the screen support.

PS: Herman Miller and Logitech, if you want me to test it daily, please feel free to email me. Thank you and have a good day everyone.