We are finally starting to discover accessories from the new partnership between Nacon and Xbox. If we are entitled to fairly classic controllers compatible for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | Xbox Series X|S (the Revolution X and the Pro Compact) which still include the possibility of programming the buttons, adjusting the joysticks and the sensitivity of the triggers, this it is especially the other accessories that make us eye.

With the official launch in September of Cloud Gaming at Xbox, we expected a rain of devices to use with your smartphone.

We are not going to be disappointed with the MG-X, which allows us to use Android smartphones as a real portable console. It reminds us a bit of GameGear. It has 20 hours of battery life (more than my smartphone …).

Much more original, the MGX-Pro looks like a controller that we would have cut in half (and several concepts that we have seen on the Internet in recent years). This should ensure a better grip and give the feeling of playing with a real Xbox controller (or almost, the shape is not the same).

Available at the start of 2021, these devices are priceless for the moment, but we should not think outside the box on this subject.

Small reminder for latecomers if you don’t know what Cloud Gaming is. This is the ability to stream Xbox games to your smartphone without needing to own an Xbox. All you need is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and you can now play games on Android with a controller (and sometimes touch).