The first Kojima Productions video game was released on PC almost a month ago (following a PS4 release in November 2019) and we can’t get enough of the fan work when it comes to cosplay. Unfortunately, there are no conventions to be able to admire them around a stand that sells us figurines, but we can take a tour on the Internet to discover our favorite cosplayers (and also fans who embark on the adventure costume).

Here is a small selection where you can find several emblematic characters from Death Stranding (not all, unfortunately). There are one or two photos with easter eggs, I’ll let you discover them.

The featured designers are (out of order): Leah Cosplay, Norihiro Meow, PreyaMcfly, Selty Reaper, Pastacosplay, Arinagrantaire, Briesbe, Milky Sap, Stormcosplay, Greg Miller, Angelinazelda, Chelsmels, Cuppacoffeeplease, Haute Cosplay, Von Nao, Chriseyles, Jareths Nasty Dunks, CptMarkizis, LitterallyIAmPuck, Nadekvatius, Valeorain, Dalahen, LeitNiakris, Sawaka, Vasiliell, Daryl Cosplay, Rightful King Cosplay, ShrimChips, and TechnoMagi.

You can find in the name of the file the artist of each cosplay!