What makes The Ascent a must for fans of Cyberpunk games is its atmosphere. The world in which we move has been carefully developed, whether it’s with its maze of houses and shops, or with its lighting effects.

It’s a pleasure to wander through this crowd of NPCs and it’s undoubtedly this attention to detail that makes the game a real little nugget visually.

While one might think that graphically the studio has played the economy card with its camera that allows us to walk around in 3rd person, a mod made on PC offers us the possibility to discover the game in FPS view.

And it has to be said that The Ascent is also beautiful up close. Although the way the enemies that await us are displayed should obviously be changed (a bit like a Pokemon trainer), the game is graphically convincing.

It should be remembered that the studio behind The Ascent is composed of 12 people…