Ghost of Tsushima, the new game from Sucker Punch studio is released this July 17th. Besides, we already talked about it this week with his OST. This time we will focus on an essential item for fans: the collector’s edition.

I find that it is always difficult to pre-order a collector’s edition with the game before having played the game. It is difficult to know if the experience will live up to our expectations. It is for this reason that I particularly appreciate the derivatives around the game that can be purchased after the release. And it’s even better when the collector’s edition doesn’t contain the game, so you don’t have to buy the game twice if you want the collector.

This collector’s edition contains a few surprises in addition to the usual objects (and completely outdated, collecting steelbooks is scary): a steelbook (great!), a mini artbook (which always makes you want to buy the full version), a banner of war, a wrapping cloth (typical!), a map, in-game bonuses and especially the mask of Jin Sakai with its support.

You will have to pay 179.99 € to get it, on Amazon for example. Here is a video unboxing to get an idea of ​​what the mask gives in real life (it looks better than in the photo).