In a scary game, music is one of the pillars of the game experience. It is therefore quite logical that Returnal is well equipped in this respect, offering us an oppressive atmosphere just as it should be.

We instantly travel in the sci-fi settings of the game thanks to the work of Bobby Krlic, better known as The Haxan Cloak. But Returnal being a game with rooms that have no defined order and random enemies in them, it’s more an atmosphere than an OST.

The Returnal album that Bobby Krlic offers us is composed of 9 ambient tracks from the game, specially worked to be in a more classic format.

We find the stressful sounds, the more nervous moments of the fights or the “quiet” passages of exploration.

The names of the tracks won’t spoil the story because those who have played the game already know that finishing Returnal doesn’t necessarily mean having understood Selene’s adventure!