Road 96 is finally in the shops. The Montpellier-based studio DigixArt is releasing Road 96 on August 16th, a game that seems original on paper and that I’m going to hurry up and test ASAP. While we play as a teenager who tries to flee his country on a road trip that seems far from relaxing, the music will accompany us during this journey.

Like all good games, we should feel strong emotions accompanied by a few songs that will leave a mark on us, all the more reason to bookmark the OST link.

While waiting to play the game, I propose you to discover the OST of Road 96. We discover a nice panel of musicians, with in order of appearance on the album: The Toxic Avenger, Cocoon, Robert Parker, Daniel Gadd, Sal, Volkor X, Kalax, SURVIVE, Alexis Laugier, E-Boyz and Xilix.

I’m going to start with a bit of musical education because I don’t know many names. This will be an opportunity to discover some nuggets.