Hello World!

After several months of work, Respawwn.com is officially open.

The blog has a new name that reflects the spirit in which it was created: Jeuxvideo.org gives way to a new version to address French and English players.

Our objective remains the same: to share the game culture with all the video game enthusiasts.

You will find artworks, figurines, cosplays, wallpapers, limited editions, fan films, fashion articles, or game music. But also more specific articles like highlighting artists and content creators.

To allow you to discover behind the scenes and inform you about what seems to us to be important in the video game industry, we have created a “files” category which includes game reviews and previews but also documentaries and articles debriefing on major events.

Among the new features that accompany this launch, there is the disappearance of grades on video game reviews. We believe that the experience offered by a video game cannot be reduced to an arbitrary rating as complex as it is.

6 in graphics + 4 in lifespan + 5 in gameplay = 15/20?

We have created game cards to allow you to find all the articles related to a game that you like in one place, whether it is a new t-shirt, a figurine or wallpapers but also the test.

Goodbye banner ads. The site offers affiliate links to product pages based on the article you are on, but no targeted advertising is present during your discovery of the articles.

The creation of a “night” mode accessible in the menu which allows you to simply switch between a light theme and a dark theme on all the pages of the site to improve your reading. At the same time, the site is responsively accessible on smartphones and tablets.

Do you prefer day or night mode? You change when you want.

Finally, the creation of an English version of the site (https://respawwn.com/en) in order to share our articles with as many people as possible.

I would like to welcome you again to Respawwn.com and invite you to follow us on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest).

Cyril @Respawwn.com

Respawn: [noun – english]
an instance of a character in a video game reappearing after having been killed.

Aww: [exclamation – english]
used to express pleasure, delight, or affection, especially in response to something regarded as sweet or endearing.