If we look at the Xbox Game Studios, we easily notice those that were created from scratch for a license, but we also spot a few names that have already marked the history of video games thanks to their unforgettable creations.

Double Fine is one of the small watches in video games. Founded in 2000 by Tim Schafer, the studio has offered us original experiences, from Psychonauts to Brütal Legend, more recently through The Cave and Broken Age.

On the occasion of the 20 years of the studio, the book 20 Double Fine Years invites us to browse the works that have made the success of the company, with a multitude of illustrations and concepts used for the many games.

A book that should appeal to everyone, Double Fine gamers or not. It is also the opportunity to discover Psychonauts before the release of the second opus in 2021.

You can now pre-order the book in standard or legendary version.