Love it or hate it, The Last of Us is one of the video game monuments of recent years. Released in 2013, it celebrated its 10th anniversary this year with its adaptation on the small screen (a completely improbable expression in this day and age) with a TV series on HBO.

While the first opus caused quite a stir (and sold a lot) when it arrived on PlayStation 3 and then PlayStation 4, Naughty Dog succeeded in gracing us with an equally cinematic and moving sequel in 2020.

It wasn’t until 2022 that PlayStation’s flagship license from the PS3/PS4 era made the leap from console to PC. Rather than a port, it’s actually a “Remake” to share the experience with as many people as possible. We’re not going to talk about the somewhat chaotic arrival of the game at the time of its release. Instead, we’ll focus on the process that enabled this game to see the light of day for both PC and PlayStation 5 gamers a few months earlier.

Another magnificent documentary from Noclip in several parts: a little history, the changes, graphics, AI and so on. A must-see for fans and gamers alike.

PS: The cover photo is by @calisarah1998.