I confess that I discover NTWRK and RTI (Reality To Idea) through this article. NTWRK is an ecommerce platform while RTI is a design studio founded by Joshua Vides.

The news of the day is the collaboration between NTWRK and Xbox for the release of a limited edition pack (with a hand-painted box) that contains an Xbox Series X, an Xbox Series S, a custom Xbox Series controller, a custom Xbox wireless headset and a green construction cone (the Xbox green).

To discover a little more about this limited edition, Feid made a unboxing (more below in the article). Proceeds from this sale will be donated to the US. Latinx Art Forum (USLAF).

It’s on sale today on the American platform from 2PM PDT.

I hope this article has made you want to click on all the links to discover NTWRK, RTI and USLAF.