After the Electric Volt (yellow and green) and the Daystrike Camo (red and grey), the Aqua Shift is coming to your living room!

Xbox has just presented a new blue Xbox Series controller that makes us think of the colours of the northern lights (and the visual that goes with it inevitably helps us think of them).

In addition to the truly eye-catching colour on the front, it has equally harmonious details on the back. It has the same grips as the classic Xbox Series controller (not totally on the high triggers, unlike the Daystrike Camo) and a USB-C port.

Compatible with your Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC and mobile, the new Aqua Shift controller is available for pre-order starting at $70 for delivery on August 31, 2021.

Let’s be honest, if I didn’t already have 20 Xbox controllers, this one would already be pre-ordered…