This is THE QUESTION. The one that comes back every time when you’re talking about a video games. Whether you’re chatting with a friend or in a video game store: How long it takes to beat this video game?

We often ask a friend or watch a YouTube video. But in the end, we don’t really know the real answer regarding our style of play. KABOOM. I found the solution: How Long To Beat. It is a participative website that has a database of more than 51,759 games, using player’s data to know how long each game lasts.

On the videogame you choose, you see 4 different parts: Main Story (if you are only doing the main story in a straight line), Main + Extras (if you are the type to do all side missions), Completionists (if you are addicted to trophies and successes) and finally All PlayStyles (which includes the 3 previous styles). You’re welcome!