As in our last article on The Last of Us Part II or Demon’s Souls, here’s a short post to make you want to discover a bit more about the artists behind Cyberpunk 2077.

Because a game of this magnitude that comes out in this day and age requires an incalculable number (in fact, it is calculable) of people to create everything we admire during our game, from characters to textures to animations and visual effects.

The list of creators in this Artstation magazine article is not exhaustive, but it at least allows you to start browsing through a few portfolios, which may make you want to follow some of them on social networks.

As usual, here are some pictures to make your mouth water.

Sebastian Bąkała – Senior Character Artist

Ward Lindhout – Senior Concept Artist

Bogna Gawrońska – Concept Artist

Jakub Przybolewski – Senior Vehicle Artist

Alicja Użarowska – Concept Artist

Kacper Niepokólczycki – Lead Environment Artist 

Simon Besombes – Senior Environment Artist

Furio Tedeschi – Principal Concept Artist

Lea Leonowicz – Senior Concept Artist & Coordinator