During the Xbox showcase, the presentation of the flagship video game of the Xbox Halo Infinite universe began with a cutscene to put us in a very special atmosphere.

A video lasting one minute and 51 seconds, in a minimalist and minimalist style as possible, with a voice over that puts us in a situation and a focus on the different parts of the Mjolnir armor of the Masterchief, all accompanied piano music.

Doesn’t that remind you of anything? If you’re a fan of TV shows or have Netflix, you’ve probably seen the work of the studio behind this video called Step Inside. Indeed, Patrick Clair and Raoul Marks (and the Antibody studio) are not their first creation.

The two men have worked on several landmark projects, whether for video games with Far Cry 6, The Division, Call of Duty, FarCry Primal, the spot for the Xbox One Xbox Series X|S, but also for films and TV series with Westworld. , The Crown, American Gods, True Detective, and The Man in th High Castle.

It’s hard not to think of Westworld now that I’ve told you.

If we come back to the video, it’s a real gift for the fans, with a return to the origin of the armor and an explanation of the reason for the rarity of such equipment. A bit of Lore in this Brute world (do you have it?).

As I like you, I will offer you other videos (my favorites) from the Antibody studio, just to make you kiff for the afternoon.