The console industry has been slow to switch to color. Without going into details, I remember the N64 with its Pikachu edition, the purple GameCube and of course the different versions of Nintendo’s portable consoles.

Limited editions of consoles have multiplied for one or two generations and if Nintendo has democratized them, PlayStation and Xbox have taken the fold since the Xbox 360 (and its famous Star Wars for example) and the PS4.

As it is always good to dream a little, I suggest you discover (if you haven’t already done so) the work of Xbox Pope. Behind that name is an artist who makes custom designs for consoles, and more specifically for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X (you can go back in his Insta feed to see other consoles).

We find fashionable games, but also sports clubs and well-known brands. You will be difficult if you cannot find your happiness. We stay on no-frills illustrations, you won’t find any decorations added around the machine as you can see with the Xbox One X Wonder Woman.

Latest creations to his credit, controllers for Xbox that really exist. Something to give hope to players who follow his concepts posted daily on Instagram.