The Xbox teams offer us a rather unusual trip accompanied by part of the team behind the design of the two new “From Seattle” consoles. It’s through a rather rich article that we learn some details about the Xbox Series X | Xbox Series X|S and you should go take a look.

Obviously, the design of the console has been designed to integrate easily with all players, regardless of the environment where it will be installed. The idea is to be able to highlight the console as a decorative object, or to place it so as to “hide” it in the decor.

The studio that took care of this work also has the role of designer of other Microsoft devices. It is this detail which makes it possible to have homogeneity between all the devices of the American giant. We find the same choices of materials, the same colors highlighted.

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are compact consoles, which take up as little space as possible, and which can be placed horizontally or vertically. These particularities were pre-requisites for the realization of the consoles.

Obviously, the Xbox Series S had to be the smallest Xbox possible since the players who choose it have made the choice of dematerialized. Goodbye bulky games boxes, hello minimalist console that can slip into your TV cabinet.

We learn that the Xbox Series X|S Series was thought of as a “slice” of the X Series, and it is for this reason that they are the same depth.

Regarding the Series X, it is the fan that determined the size of the console. Finally, by choosing simple geometric shapes, the consoles have a “timeless” look, despite the “fashionable” trends that will emerge for years to come.

By highlighting the details with the black ventilation on a white box for the Xbox Series X|S Series for example, the console matches the controllers, with an air of déjà vu, while giving a particular cachet to a purely technical detail.

If the top of the Xbox Series X is also designed for optimal ventilation, the game made with the color green electrifies the gaze when we look at the console when it is only the color on the surface.