Since the PlayStation conference and the announcement of the design of the PS5, we have been able to admire on the Internet wacky creations around the visual of the machine. The white/black/blue trio is not necessarily to everyone’s taste and many are those who have tried to pass it in black to stay in the tone of the latest PlayStation, or in gray because of the nostalgia side. We had also been able to admire this type of exercise with the DualSense.

Today, we will focus exclusively on beautiful concepts, which make you want to buy it. If you are looking for funny pictures and “trolls”, I let you do the work yourself!

Here is the work of anonymous, but also of Mark Franklin, Bosslogic, and Oliver Perretta.

[Update] 06/26/2020 : 
Added: The Ghost of Tsushima concept by XboxPope.