After the interactive LEGO sets that allowed us to play with Mario and Luigi, here is a new collaboration that will especially please collectors and nostalgic players.

The Block ? is a LEGO set that contains 2,064 pieces for your pleasure. This set consists of a box with the famous question mark found in the game Super Mario. Inside, we discover 4 levels: Peach’s Castle, the Battle of Bob-omb, the Gla-Gla Mountain and the Fatal Lava.

In addition to these levels, there are micro-figures: Mario, Princess Peach, King Bob-omb, as well as a chained Chomp, a Big Thug, a Mr. Eye, a Lakitu, a penguin and a baby penguin.

The icing on the cake is that you can use the figures with the interactive LEGO Mario sets.

It will cost 169.99€ to get this essential decoration, available from October 1st 2021 on the LEGO store and in 2022 in stores.