It’s a nice announcement from Zerator (Adrien Nougaret) which fell last night. The Z Event returns this year despite COVID-19. We will find more than 50 French streamers during a beautiful weekend of 50 hours of non-stop live, from October 16 at 6 p.m. until October 18.

The Z Event if you don’t know what it is, it’s a charity event where streamers broadcast live content from one location, in order to receive donations to support an association. Last year, no less than € 3,509,878 were collected for the Institut Pasteur. This year, Amnesty International will be the association in the spotlight.

How exactly is it going? You can watch any streamer on their personal channel, click on their personalized donation link, or buy T-shirts (and even a limited edition flyer) at the event store to donate. money to the association.

Most streamers have challenges depending on the levels they reach in terms of donations (so that they perform challenges, we call that donation goals) and the weekend is spent in a good atmosphere, everyone is focused on the same goal and it is a good opportunity to discover French content creators.

We will find beautiful people with for example MisterMV, Squeezie, Alphacast, Gom4rt, Kenny, Littlebigwhale, Maghla, Etoiles, Trinity and obviously Zerator and Dach.

The event will be closed to the public (as usual), all participants will be tested and they are already in “containment” for the most part in order to be tested negative for COVID-19 for this. weekend of October 16. Any streamer who leaves the Z Event venue will not be able to re-enter. Mask obligatory when traveling and hand gel EVERYWHERE.

What is Amnesty International? It is an international non-governmental organization which fights for the defense of human rights. They investigate in different countries to identify human rights violations, they alert the authorities, communicate reports to denounce human rights violations.

I invite you to visit the Amnesty International website to discover their actions which will undoubtedly affect you, because we are talking about the most essential human rights.

We hope that this event will be able to mobilize players, subscribers and the general public as it has been the case in recent years. FYI, the Z Event 2019 was the Twitch charity event that collected the most donations. It’s a record to beat.