We have to go to Japan to discover a little more about PlayStation 5 and what it promises us for the end of the year. As of today, we can find some gameplay videos and pictures of the console if we spend a little time looking on sites that are doing well.

Here is a little summary with links if you want to explore a bit more. This is the first time that we can admire the real PlayStation 5 (and not in 3D rendering), and the second time for the DualSense.

For the photos of the PS5 and the DualSense we go to 4gamer.net, AV Watch and Dengeki Online.

It should be noted that during these sessions, the players / photographers:
-did not have the right to photograph the back and the underside of the console or to touch the console, and that the console had a protective sticker on the black part
– played / photographed in a room provided for this purpose (not at home)
– could not use the Share button
– could not show console interface (no menu)
– had access to a PS5 Standard “Preview” with disc player
– discovered that the X and O buttons are now reversed in their use in Japan and that they function as in France