This is crazy enough to be highlighted and the teams from FromSoftware and Bandai Namco are right to tell us about it. If we know that in general multiplatform games are more likely to make astronomical sales figures compared to their console-exclusive competitors, Elden Ring has just achieved a feat that will put FromSoftware in the class of studios that the “general public” will assiduously follow.

It is probably a mix of several things that allowed the game to be propelled to the front of the stage. We can think about the success of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in terms of awards, the transformation into an open-world game compared to its predecessors but also the mention of George R. R. Martin.

The fact is that after 17 days of release, Elden Ring has sold 12 million copies. If this number doesn’t tell you much, arstechnica has made a very good article to compare the number of copies sold of the game with other iconic licenses.

We can compare Elden Ring with Skyrim, GTA V and Breath of the Wild without batting an eyelid, and it’s quite impressive.

I’m stealing one of their graphs (but go read their full article, it’s really well constructed, using only official figures).

We’re waiting to see how the game will evolve over the next few months, but if more content is added along the way, this is definitely a license that will mark the next few years.