Accessibility is a term that did not exist in the vocabulary of players until a few years ago. Well, in the vocabulary of 5 out of 6 French people, since statistically, 1 out of 6 French people is disabled.

This web series produced by Xbox highlights part of the story of Philousports, a sports and video games enthusiast. Why him? Because Phillipe, his real name, suffers from myopathy (which prevents him from walking) and a tracheotomy (which makes him tired when he talks).

Faced with these handicaps, he has not found refuge on the Internet, but rather a platform of expression where he can share his humour and sports opinions (and more if affinity) with everyone.

On the program of these videos, the experience of Philou and Capgame (punctuated by interventions of Ina Gelbert, Xbox France Director), all with a highlight of the Xbox Adaptive Controller (XAC).

If you haven’t heard of the XAC, it’s a controller with two very large buttons and the D-PAD on the front, but with the added feature of having jack outputs all around.

The aim is to be able to connect different accessories to each jack output (a jack output representing a button on the controller) to create a customised controller to suit players’ disabilities.

The tone is light and educational, and the format of the videos is short. It would be a shame to miss this initiative, which will allow you to discover a side of the video game that you may not know (and of Philousports at the same time).

Five episodes will explain in detail a facet of video games in France (and in the rest of the world) that is too often left out.

It should not be forgotten that beyond this type of initiative, video game studios are making more and more efforts to respond to different disability situations (think of the mapping of buttons where you can choose to hold down a button rather than having to press it several times quickly for example).