At a time when Sony is finally launching all dematerialized with the All Digital version of the PlayStation 5 (and that’s good!), Some people still nostalgia for CDs. As the period of DVD collection for TV series, acute collection will come to an end.

Whether it’s for a practical matter (having your game the minute you go out, without moving, but also wherever you go). Or to highlight the indie games that will never be at the head of the gondola in supermarkets (the law of the richest prevails). Or to stop the waste (and create unnecessary steelbooks), squeeze CDs in neighboring countries to see them be delivered by truck and ultimately ask you to download the day-one patch which contains all the game when you put the disc in your console.

In the meantime, Jaewon Yeo offers us a concept of PlayStation where we can put several discs in order to switch between several games. The idea is twofold, to give the possibility of highlighting its games at the same time as the option of being able to change them quickly, but also to have a console with a more retro design, in the state of mind of the first PlayStation.