Microsoft unveiled this morning several information that will not go unnoticed since it is the price of one of its next next-gen consoles. The Xbox Series S was therefore announced with a simple tweet from the official Xbox account.

We officially learn that the console is not just a rumor, but also that it will cost $ 299 (or € 299 according to the conversion made on the other prices of consoles) and that it is about “the performance next-gen in the smallest Xbox console “.

The important information is obviously its price because if we still do not officially have the technical characteristics, we can guess two things:

it does not have a Blu-ray player
– it will be less powerful than its big sister the Xbox Series X

The absence of the Blu-ray player is in line with the strategy that the American giant has put in place with the democratization of the Xbox Game Pass. We remember the Xbox One S All Digital which was launched in 2019 (it was also the first to unveil this type of console).

The difference in power would allow Xbox to offer two consoles with a real price difference (in any case what we imagine) against the proposal of Sony which may be more limited (between the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 5 All Digital).

We remain on speculation on these last points because the only official information is that it will cost $ 299.

At the same time, the console launch video would have been leaked, you can find it in the tweet below.