It’s been more than two years since I have discovered the art of Mikael Gustafsson for Among Trees. Last week, the game became available in early access to the Epic Games Store and I didn’t wait too long to get it and jump in this adventure.

It’s only “pre-alpha”, so let’s focus only on what we love during this short experience. Well, not so short, if you play in normal mode, avoiding the bear and looking for food each day. In Among Trees, we start in the middle of a beautiful forest, with no explanation whatsoever. No introduction. We learn by playing (and that’s not very complicated).

We loot some plank of wood on the ground and we can begin to build our house. It’s our safe zone. It will be the only place where we will cook, sleep, and craft in order to survive. If you don’t want to die, you must explore and search for food and item to upgrade your cabin.

The forest is really beautiful and peaceful. You walk through the tall grass, pick mushrooms, and find a lost rope. It’s a moment of relaxation where we walk quietly. But Among Trees is about surviving. You need to eat sometimes (you can cook ! ), you need to sleep and you must avoid wild animals.

You won’t meet another human, only nature wich has taken back its rights. The game is not very difficult. You will spend some times exploring the map, looting all you need and admire the beauty of the forest at different times of the day.

You are never lost because you can always see your cabin on the screen. If you want to explore more, you can craft a map and a compass, if you find the item you need. The more you explore, the more you will need to upgrade your cabin and create new items. You can cultivate too, and you will find seed to start your vegetable garden.

We are already looking at the roadmap, waiting for the next update. Among Trees is a peaceful game, in a beautiful forest where the time passes in slow motion. But we must not forget that it’s a survival game. We want more!